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The African Orphaned and Abandoned Children's Fund LLC
Changing Tears of Sorrow into Tears of Joy


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Your pocket change can make a difference in the life of a child.


"That not one child in Africa or Haiti
will grow up without a chance to change their lives and their country
with the love of Jesus Christ."


The African Orphaned and Abandoned Children's Fund LLC was started in 2006 by Dr. Joseph L. Rayman founder of AOF Missions Inc in response to the thousands of street children that he encountered as he traveled through out Africa. Many have been orphaned or abandoned as a result of the HIV/AIDS pandemic. The central focus of this outreach is orphaned, abandoned and disenfranchised children in the nations of sub-Saharan Africa the center of the AIDS/HIV pandemic.

There are over 15 Million orphaned and abandoned children in Africa as a result of HIV/AIDS with an estimated 1 million (WHO;UN) in Kenya alone. There are an estimated 40+ million children as a result of war, famine, and poverty abandoned and living in the streets and slums of sub-Saharan Africa.

AOAACF is committed to providing assistance to the disenfranchised, oppressed, abandoned and orphaned children living in the streets, garbage dumps, jungles and overcrowded orphanages of Africa as well as widows, impoverished children and their families. And now we are helping in Haiti

We don't want to provide just temporary solutions. We are in this for the long term. AOAACF offers a "hand up" and continued education as well as entrepreneurial support through its ongoing projects.

It is through your giving that we are able to provide what little assistance we can, but because the present funding AOAACF receives cannot begin to provide enough for these projects millions of children still go without. We need your support. We can not do this without you.

By providing for these projects to help the children, you can improve the quality of their lives by giving them a chance for a future, an education, and a sanitary and comfortable place to live.

This ministry supports outreaches to over 50,000 children.

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We Care

Mt 25:40 And the King shall answer and say unto them, Verily I say unto you, Inasmuch as ye have done it unto one of The Least of These my brethren, ye have done it unto me.

Your support helps ministries such as "The Least of These" ministry with Dr Michael and Kay Johnson in Nairobi Kenya.

    "Hunger stalks the 14 orphanages and feeding centers which we presently support with medicines, clothing, shoes, blankets, beds, Bibles, and food. Your giving makes a real difference in the world view of these nearly 1,800 children. Help restore the wonder of His love to their eyes." Kay Johnson WGM

    For an update on Dr. Michael and Kay Johnson click here.


How you can help

This is a great opportunity that you just can't let pass you by.

    Your support can keep the vision of AOAACF by helping us to supply much needed aid to the children, families and widows that we serve in Africa and Haiti.

Kay Johnson in Kenya. Click on picture to enlarge

Bishop Paul Mbugua of Juja in Kenya. Click on picture to enlarge

As a sponsor of the African Orphaned and Abandoned Children's Fund, you will be sharing the light of God's love with a destitute child now living in the streets, garbage dumps, jungles and orphanages of Africa and Haiti.

Valerie Fredrick of Nigeria. Click on picture to enlarge

Your partnership will assist Dr. Michael & Mrs. Kay Johnson, African American missionaries to Kenya with World Gospel Mission,as well as others such as PASTOR SAM G. MWEBIA INTERCONTINENTAL CHRISTIAN MINISTRIES THE HOUSE OF REFUGE CHURCH just outside of Nairobi, Kenya in their out reach the homeless and destitute children. Then there is Pastor Valerie Fredrick of Jos Nigeria with her outreach to widows in her area. We also support the efforts of Missions Harvest Ministries in Haiti. Your support will help other indigenous missionaries in Nigeria, Ghana and through out Africa.

To learn more about these and other missionaries click here. "Missionaries"

For more information on a specific country, project or program, visit our projects page.

For information on how you can help with relief aid for the
Horn of Africa Drought go to the projects page.

For more information on Pastor Valerie Fredrick and Women of Hope ministries, visit WOHM page.

Your Gift will:

  • Demonstrate the love of Jesus to an abandoned child by ensuring that they will receive a meal and clean clothing, medical care, an education and potentially placed in a foster home or orphanage.
  • Your donation will help to provide these children with the means to go to school.
  • Your donation will help to provide medical care, safe drinking water, and training to help these children to become self reliant and productive members of their societies.
  • You will be providing eternal hope by teaching these children that Jesus loves them and they are precious to their creator.

These children are being exploited by rebels and sex offenders. They are being tortured and raped. There is a belief that if a man that is infected with HIV/AIDS has sex with a virgin then he will be cured. Thousands of young girls are being raped and sentenced to death by this.

There are no social services for these children. They have to fend for themselves, begging in the streets, living in the sewers, garbage dumps, anywhere where they can find some sort of shelter. There is no one to care for them.

We are asking for 100 people or churches who will partner with us in giving a $1000 faith seed into the programs of this ministry and 1000 who will partner with us at $100 a month for three years. We are praying for another 1000 who will pledge $30.00 a month or more for three years.

Will you prayerfully consider being a part of this ministry, either by being one of the 1000 or giving a one time donation to assist us in relieving the pain and suffering that these children are going through?

Will you join with us to reach out to these children?

287 Lewis Scott Rd. NE
Ludowici GA 31316
(912) 654-4864

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African Orphaned and Abandoned Children's Fund LLC

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AOAACF, LLC. is a non-profit organization registered in the State of Georgia, USA. and a ministry of AOF Missions Inc. a 501c3 ministry.
All funds received for a designated project go to that project. AOAACF does not keep any part of those funds.
Funds received for general support, or that are not designated will go towards the overall operation of AOAACF.